November 5, 2011

But That's Your Thing...


I'm tired of being that person.  You know, the person who is always rushing to get things done.  The person who is always late. That last-minute person. 
I'm getting too old for this.  Procrastination is for the young. I may have been able to get away with this in the past, but my mind and body can't take it anymore. Literally, when my body gets stressed, my left eye becomes sensitive to light and I lose sight in it. I have to wear big dark shades for days, sometimes even inside the house. People assume I'm being a diva.....nope I'm blind!

The sad thing is that when I told my husband that I'm tired of being late to everything, he said, "But that's your thing? Isn't it?" Ouch. If he sees me like that, I guess everyone else does.  Not cool.
It's not that I didn't know this before, but you know you have to "hit bottom" or even just get tired. Well, I'm tired.

November 2, 2011

Wedding Shower Cupcakes and Cookies

An old schoolmate contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could bake some cupcakes and cookies for her sister's wedding shower.  I jumped at the opportunity as I have never done a wedding shower before.  I'm happy with the results. I hope the Bride is as well.

Wedding Shower Cupcakes
Yellow and Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream

Gumpaste Flowers

Stenciled Cookie
Stenciled Cookie

Groom Cookie
Groom Cookie

Bride Cookie
Bride Cookie

Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaid Cookie
Wedding Cookie Set
Cookie Set

I'm not very good at time management.  I shouldn't be this exhausted after 2dozen cookies and cupcakes.  By coincidence, Marian, of Sweetopia posted a Cookie Making Schedule that I really need to start using.

All in all, I am pleased with what I've done. I'm looking forward to more orders!

November 1, 2011

My Current Guilty Pleasure

I've watched it four times in the last six days.  The acting is horrible, sometimes even painful, but I can't help it.