March 28, 2012

The Rules of Laundry


As long as I've been doing laundry, there are still times when I feel overwhelmed and annoyed.  I have tried to wash one load daily (didn't last long) to once a week (no clean underwear). I still haven't found that balance.
I have washed clothes for as few as two all the way up to six persons.  I have had my years of going to the laundromat at 2 a.m., drying socks in the oven, washing P.E. uniforms by hand in the sink and washing clothes with dishwashing liquid.  I have found crayons, chapstick, cash (my favourite), bugs, pens, teacher's notes, rocks, gum, and other things I dare not mention, usually when it's too late.

But my biggest annoyance is that in my home, I can launder ALL of the clothes on Sunday and by Tuesday, there is a ridiculous pile again. WHY????? It's only three of us? Where have we been and what have we been doing to get all of these clothes dirty? There is just no explanation for this. I've decided to put my foot down and create a few rules around here.

You must wear jeans at least 5 times before declaring them dirty. The purpose for which jeans were made, was to get dirty.  Exceptions: mud.  I thought of including liquid spills, but that's a case by case basis.  If the liquid is darker than your jeans and has a bad smell, sure wash 'em.

To be worn at least 5 times before laundering. It's a scientific fact that you don't get dirty while sleeping.  At least not dirty enough to throw your pj's in the dirty clothes after one night. Exceptions: nighttime accidents or spillage (same rule for jeans).

We all have clothes that we wear only in the house.  They have stains, holes or are too small and we have declared that they are not to be worn in public.  Only if you have worked up a serious sweat in those clothes from exercising and house cleaning or the kids have decided to make mud pies or paint their shirts with lunch, these clothes can be worn at least twice before being washed.  Shorts can go a little longer.

If I could, I'd just ban socks.  I hate socks, especially the white ones.  You buy them brand new all beautiful and proudly give them to your 8 year old.  The next time you see them, they are the same colour as the red dirt in the back yard! That now means that you have to soak the dirt red white socks before washing them. But soaking is never enough, you have to hand wash those suckers before you throw them into the washing machine.
The rule: They are not shoes!!!! 

Now my only exception to extended wear clothing are underwear, and clothes that have been exposed to bodily fluids.  Please, oh, please put your dirty underwear in the dirty clothes hamper..not under the bed, in the closet or actually in your dresser drawer.  

Let's leave bodily fluids for another time.

What are your laundry rules?  What did you do to combat the evil that is laundry?

March 3, 2012

The Lorax Movie Activities and Printables

The Lorax movie is a great introduction to teach about the environment and sustainability.
Here is the original movie:

I found a great lesson plan from HomeschoolShare
Some topics you can cover:

  • Water Pollution and it's causes
  • Air Pollution and it's causes
  • Ways to fight pollution
  • Recycling
  • Endangered animals
Truffula Tree Pencils by Zakka Life
The Lorax printables
Online Game:
Save The Lorax

I'm Supposed to be a British Royal


In case you didn't know, I'm supposed to be a British Royal.  This would've been confirmed this weekend when Harry comes to visit The Bahamas, but I'm leaving for Atlanta today and will miss his arrival.  

Yes, had it not been for this trip, I would become the "New Kate".  Well that, and the fact that I should be 10 years younger and 40 pounds lighter! Oh and don't forget that I'm married to my own King!

Anyway, his loss.