August 25, 2011

I'd Rather Be In A Hurricane

Hurricane Irene 2011

It's tough being here in Iowa while my family and friends wait for Hurricane Irene to pass through.  I wish I was there.
 It's my son's first hurricane. As we were chatting tonight, the winds started to pick up and he told me he was scared. He also told me that the stuffed bear on my bed was scared and our dog, Roxy, looks sad.  It hurts that I couldn't hold him in my arms and comfort him until he fell asleep. I know his dad is there to comfort him, but that's supposed to be my job. I should be there.  
I miss my husband, son, other family and friends and pray that The Lord keeps them and the rest of The Bahamas safe.

August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 8th Birthday to the greatest son ever! I love You!

Today is also my nephew Kristopher's 6th Birthday! They are exactly 2 years apart.

August 15, 2011

Away From Home

My sister, niece, daughter and I drove from Florida to Iowa last week.  Both my daughter and niece are attending college in Iowa and we had to get a trailer to haul all of my niece's belongings.  I took pictures along the way, but I left my camera cord at home (doh!).  We passed through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois before arriving in Iowa. It took 23 hrs. of driving and one night in a hotel.

We've been in Iowa City for a week now and De's pretty much settled in.
She's registered for her classes, ordered most of her books, opened a bank account and gotten a phone. She only needs school supplies as we bought everything she needed for the apartment already.  

The apartment btw, is very nice. For an apartment complex that caters to college kids, you would expect the apartment to not be as nice as it is.  They have a free shuttle to/from the campus.  We are going tomorrow on a test run. I'm pleased.

I can't believe I have three weeks left here. I am so surprised at how much I miss home. There have been quiet moments where I just yearn to be home with my husband and son.  However, I know that it will be so hard for me to leave De. But alas, I must.

De starts classes on the 22nd, so I will be left alone during the day.  I have to use the time to get my son's curriculum together.  The focus has been on De, so I haven't ordered anything for him. I will also use the time to focus on me.  I know that I need to make some changes within myself and hopefully all of this alone time will help me chart a course for myself.