July 25, 2009

Birthdays and Weightloss

In five weeks and four days, I will be celebrating thirty-five years on this earth. And yes as everyone else does, I think, "What have I done with my life?" and, "What else do I want to do?" I think everyone reflects on the past and envisions the next few years.
But you know what has dominated my mind as far as this milestone approaches? The question that I believe many women ask themselves as they approach another birthday. That is, "How much weight can I lose by my birthday?" Hey, it's an important question!
They (whoever THEY may be) say that a woman is at her peak at 35. Really? 35 huh. So that means that I will be peaking in five weeks and four days. That bothers me. How can I peak, being tired all the time? How can I peak when my pouch says "Good morning friend!" day after day. How can I peak when I pass a shop window and realise..."OMG that's MY ass!?!"
For the last few years, with every approaching birthday, I make a resolution to lose "x" number of pounds by that day. Usually, the birthday comes and goes without a single pound or inch lost. Admittedly I go overboard and choose a ridiculous number of pounds to lose that can only be accomplished by Hollywood stars with their personal trainers, chefs and regular spa treatments. But alas, I'm a work at home wife who hates the gym, am the personal chef to four and I own a foot spa.
So it's time to be realistic. And I have got to be serious this time! After all I am approaching my peak! So, I will lose ten, just ten pounds by my birthday. Only two pounds a week. That should be doable, right? Yes, I have more than ten pounds to lose, but let's begin the peak with reachable goal.
So what's the plan? Just the basics, exercising daily and eating right. I have a beautiful park within walking distance, some 10 pound weights and a skipping rope. Wish me luck!

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