September 6, 2010

Just Take A Minute

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet some special people.  They all live at a government run facility for those who need assistance as a result of mental or physical incapacity or drug rehabilitation. 

We visited the children's wards. Some of these children were abandoned by their parents and family members because they are mentally or physically disabled.  Linda is in her early thirties, has the mental capacity of a child and has lived there for more than 15 years.  Her family just left her there.  She greeted me with a wide smile and a long hug.  She had never met me before today, but she called me her niece.

I also met a group of boys and girls ranging in age of 12-16.  They are in there for behavioural problems.  They were all polite and listened intently to us.  They quoted Bible scriptures and prayed beautiful prayers.  When I left, all I could ask myself was "Why are they there?  What went wrong? Will they be okay?"

For most of us, we live a good life.  We are secure in the knowledge that we are loved by someone.  We take so much for granted.  Family, friends, the abilty to read, write, use computers, cellphones, ATM's etc.  We have it so easy, and complain so much. 
Just take a minute to look around, really look at what you have and then thank The Lord.

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  1. Lovely post about appreciating what we have!

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    Hope you're having a lovely week.

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