July 3, 2010

The Produce Exchange

I went to The Produce Exchange on Friday.  It is a government run facility that helps farmers from the Family Islands sell their produce here in Nassau.  A variety of fruits and vegetables are sold there at wholesale prices.  Fruit and vegetable vendors come and purchase from them.  However, the public is welcome, even encouraged. You never know what they have there as the produce are seasonal and fresh.  

First, let me say that it is pure chaos in there. The facility is small, so there is barely walking room in there.  The Exchange is only open from 8am-12 noon, so it's crowded and hot. Everyone's yelling trying to be heard above all the noise.  But it's a great experience. 
I really went there in the hopes of getting some mangoes, but look what I scored:





I had some of the papaya and watermelon with breakfast this morning.  I'm thinking of making some Watermelon Lemonade later.  It was a hit last summer with the kids.
Onions and thyme are a staple for me as I cook with them regularly.

I don't go as often as I should. I really prefer to eat locally grown produce. I'll make a trip once a week.  Hopefully when I go next week, the mangoes will be in.

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