August 12, 2010

How to De-Oxidize a Tub

There was a horrible clog in the bathtub.  With three teenage girls who constantly shave and wash hair, as well as two young boys who think that anything can survive in water, it was bound to happen. 

I knew I had something under the kitchen sink that should work.  The bottle had a skull and crossbones on it. The main ingredient, Sulphuric Acid.  So, with just skimming over the directions, I poured it down the tub's drain, knowing it would work.

An overwhelming odor eminated from the tub.  I held my breath.  It had to work I thought, it was so stink!  Then to my horror, I slowly saw my tub turn from dirty soap scummy to ORANGE!!!  What??????? But Why?????  I looked on the bottle again to see if I missed something. There is no warning that this product may turn your tub orange!!

I ran to my husband and tell him about the tub in a panic.  He nonchalantly says, "I guess you need to buy a new tub." A new tub?  Tubs here are expensive here! We can't buy a new tub.
So, like any other person in a panic would do, I looked up "Sulphuric Acid turned tub orange" on the Internet.  To my relief, I wasn't the only one who did this.  Apparently the Sulphuric Acid oxidizes the tub, and turns it orange.  After reading a few suggestions, I settled on using Hydrogen Peroxide.  It was cheapest and had some good reviews.
Simply, get a roll of paper towels, soak them in the peroxide and apply to the tub.  You can wipe the tub with them or let them sit on it.
In less than ten minutes, my tub was back to normal. 

Thank Goodness!!! I have to host a birthday party on Saturday. I'm not confident enough to think that no guests would look behind the shower curtain.  There's always a snooper.

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  1. Hi Sallou - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love getting comments! What a nightmare watching your tub turn orange. I'm amazed at how the Hydrogen Peroxide worked. I wonder if it'll work on soap scum that just won't come off my tub. Thanks for the tip! Living in the Bahamas must be interesting. I'd love to read more about that on your blog. I'll check your archive for stories.