March 18, 2011

I'm Feeling Good

This morning I was feeling good.  I woke up early to wash the gray out of my hair.  New hair I've always been a brown haired girl.  I wanted a change and you'll never see my hair lighter than brown.  I'm just that type of girl. Not an attention grabber, unlike my sister, who will put any color in her hair that has the words "spice", "fire" or "flame" in it.

I started to feel nostalgic for these movies....
The Breakfast Club

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Dirty Dancing
I have got to watch them this weekend.  Some of the best movies ever! 

Anyway, we had a good round of homeschool this morning.  As usual we took our lunch break and got back to work when my son says to me, " Mummy, weren't you supossed to pick up Anna?" 
Anna, is my sometimes sweet, just a little bossy 7yr. old cousin.
Oh My Gosh!!!
I looked at the time... It was 1:40!  I was supossed to collect her at 1:00pm! 

Note to Non-Homeschoolers - When you ask a homeschooler to do you a favour in the middle of one of the most productive school days we've had in a while, you may run the risk of that homeschooler forgetting everything else because she's in the zone!

So I dash to the still wet from this morning (I have locs, they take a while to dry), and gas it to the school.  Ten minutes later I get there and I only see one kid and a lady. As soon as I pulled up the lady yells, "Anna, your ride is here!"
I wait a few Anna.
She yells again, "Anna, you didn't hear me eh?"
No Anna.
Now, I'm thinking, "Uh-oh. Where could she be? Why isn't she waiting? Lord don't make me come out of this car...I'm not presentable!"

Finally, Anna emerges with tears and snot streaming out of the eyes and nose.  Her thumb is in her mouth (it never leaves) and she's balling!
"I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T COMING FOR ME!!!!!!"  She screams in between gasps for air.

I then proceed to apologise and tell her the truth, "Anna, I'm sorry, I forgot.  Can you please forgive me?"
"O-O-OH-KKKAAYY!" she's hyper-ventilating.  We stay parked in front of the school for another ten minutes as I continue to apologise and she continues to gasp for air (thumb still in mouth).  She finally calms down enough for me to drive home.

By the time we get back to my house, it's as if it never happened.  I decide to call her mother to let her know what happened and apologise.  Her mother's reply...."Oh I know, Anna called me from the school and told me that you hadn't come for her yet. But it's okay."
Jeez, it's a good thing I called then.
Anna got picked up a few minutes ago. She left smiling happily (I stuffed her with cookies and let her talk my ear off).

Now I can continue with my quest to look ten years younger.  I have to twist and style my newly coloured hair. And while doing that, hopefully I'll get to hear one of my favourite movie lines ever..."Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

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