September 17, 2011

I Lost My Mojo!!!

I'm known as "The Queen of Pancakes" in this house. Everyone eagerly anticipates my pancakes on Saturday mornings with excitement.  I could make plain, banana, blueberry, oatmeal....anything.  They were always delicious and satisfying.

Then I passed on my my husband.  I was away from home helping my daughter settle in for college, and the little one asked for pancakes.  I sent my husband the recipe.  It was his first time ever in his 40+ years on this earth that he ever made pancakes...ever!!  They were a hit.  Such a hit that the little one said that I MUST taste Daddy's pancakes.  He raved and raved.

I came home and the little one continued to rave about these pancakes that my husband made ONCE in his life. "Oh Mummy, let Daddy make the pancakes!"  But I told him that I would like to cook for him since I'm home now.  I got back into the kitchen, prepared my recipe, lit the stove and proceeded to make my pancakes.  

They were "eh".

I didn't understand.  Why weren't they light and fluffy? Why do they look like flat discs?  I assumed that I didn't put in enough baking powder.   They were edible, but they weren't "Mine".
The next weekend, I offer to make pancakes again, determined to do better than the previous weekend. Again, I prepared, lit and proceeded to make my pancakes. And again, they weren't light and fluffy but flat.  Too little baking powder, that has to be it! I decided to mix another batch, this time with more baking powder.  

And again, Flat. Not only flat, but flat and heavy!
WTH! Why?!! I am the Queen of Pancakes!

Pancakes were MY thing. Now the kid only wants pancakes from Daddy (ugghh). I have come to the conclusion that I have lost my Pancake Mojo. 
I understand now why some people don't like sharing recipes.  Once you share them, you lose everything that made it special.  These were my special pancakes and now they're gone.

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