February 29, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday - Slow Cooker Odor

I love my slow cooker. It has made life easier on the days I remember to use it. But I  hate the smell whenever I open it. I clean and dry it properly before I put the top back on to store it, but when I open it, I smell whatever I cooked the last time I used it.  

Now, what I do after it's washed and dried, is sprinkle a little baking soda in it before I put the top on.  The next time I open it, there is no scent!  The baking soda has absorbed all of the odor.
Well, it works for me!


  1. A tea bag works well too. I use them all the time in containers that I pack away for Christmas goodies, jars, etc. The easy part is you can just pick it up to toss and not have to wash out the baking soda. I buy cheap store brand tea bags for this.