May 14, 2012

It Ended Just Like That (Mother's Day)

I had a great Mother's Day yesterday.  Home cooked breakfast, dinner and dessert. I slept a little, watched a little t.v. and even got to watch my favourite British soap "EastEnders".  That was the special gift from my husband as I don't get to see it here in The Bahamas. He did some technical mojo and I was able to watch it online.

At around 7pm I had this interesting conversation:
Boy: "Mommy, can you do me a favour please?"
Me: "What is it?"
Boy: "Can you make me a sandwich?"
Me: "Nooo Buddy, It's Mother's Day, forget it."
Boy: "Mother's Day is over Mommy."
Me:"No it's not!"(looking out the window) "the sun is still up!"
Boy: "Mother's Day isn't 24 hours, it's only 10.  Your time is up. Now can you PLEASE make me a sandwich?"

It was over just like that.  Any chances of me prolonging the day was fruitless because my time was up. Off I went to make a sandwich.

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