June 20, 2010

Summer Activity #3 - Nature Walks

 Kids are constantly "connected".  Television, Wii, Internet, Ipods, DSi's have all stolen an essential part of childhood.  Playing, sleeping and reading outside are some of the greatest memories I have as a child.   I wanted to get the kids out of the house for a few hours and decided on taking them on a Nature Walk.
We went in the early morning before the heat reached its peak.  It was quiet and peaceful.  The kids enjoyed looking at the different plant species, fish, insects and birds.

The Bahamas has 25 National Parks throughout the country.  Harold and Wilson Ponds encompasses 250 acres with more than 100 different species of birds. 

Unfortunately we only saw 2 different species.  I think we scared all the birds away. The kids weren't exactly quiet.

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