June 2, 2010

The Sweetest Love

I don't have the ability to see the future.  I didn't know things would turn out like this.  Who knew?
If you told me nine years ago that I would be a stay at home, homeschooling, gardening and blogging mom; I would have said, "Yeah Right!".

But that's who I have become. That's who I am.  And I am thankful and grateful.  You see my future would not have been this way if I hadn't married Mr. Roper. (No, not that Mr. Roper.  Although Stanley did have a certain swagger.) 

Mr. Roper is my best friend, my greatest confidante, my sweetest love.  There is no other for me but him.  He knows me better than I know myself, or would care to admit.  He has wiped away many tears and created many smiles. 

He says that I am capable of doing ANYTHING I wish (except repairing a gas stove), and never says, "No. You can't."  He has been strength when I was weak, calm in my chaos, and cheerleader in my corner.  I can't ask for more except that I am/become for him what he is for me.

By Hollywood Industry standards, we have been married a long time.  But for us regular folks, nine years is just the beginning.  I am in it for the long haul baby!  We have so much to do, see and feel together.  I look forward to it all. 

I love you Mr. Roper. You are my Sweetest Love.

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